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Gerard van Keken is a ‘createur’, ‘inspirateur’ and ‘auteur’ at “ReMARKable Identity’ (Dutch:; an international website is coming up), where he works on identity construction, value creation, place branding and place making.

Gerard has been involved in many research- and consultancy projects for organisations, entrepreneurs and governing authorities. Besides this he has been teaching part-time in the Netherlands and China.

His research interests are (brand) identity and image challenges, coastal and rural tourism, culinary tourism, (tourism) event management, sustainable tourism/corporate social responsibility, creative industries and photography. His PhD “The construction of regional identity: Zeeland; strategies of place branding and place making” at Erasmus University Rotterdam, is on (brand) identity, image, destination management, place making and collaborative strategy. In his work he always tries to connect scientific knowledge with the reality of today and tomorrow.

Gerard is the founder of ‘the Taste of Zeêland’ and ‘Oer-Zêêuws’, culinary and cultural events on regional products, the encounters of hosts and guests, design contests on fashion and jewellery to bridge folkloristic culture and fashion with the contemporary world.