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Myriam is now professor emerita of the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) where she was lecturing in Geography & Tourism. She is an elected member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism (IAST) and member of the editorial board of several scholarly journals.

She is founding member of WHTRN, a global network for tourism researchers on world heritage sites, that organises trans disciplinary workshops and seminars on this theme for postgraduates and practitioners. She was invited guest –lecturer at various universities world wide and actively involved in publishing and editing.

Her current research and scholarship addresses issues in cultural tourism and heritage (now including war tourism). Partnership in the ESPON project (2004-2007) ‘The role and spatial effects of cultural heritage and identity’ resulted in the publication of a co-edited book (2008) on Cultural Resources for Tourism; Patterns, Processes, Policies, and the Chinese edition of this book in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2010). She has published widely on tourism research since the eighties.

Previous academic appointments include: Tenured professorship in the Geography department KU Leuven since 1995 and starting in 2001 with the new – (post graduate) tourism courses (Antwerp–UAMS & KU Leuven), President of the Flemish Council for Tourism (1998-2000), Founder and Promotor of the Flemish Centre for Tourism Studies (2001-2005), Endowed Chair in Tourism Management, and Founder of the Center for Tourism Management Erasmus University Rotterdam (1993-1996), Lecturer at Radboud University in Nijmegen (1976-1995).