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Axel Nielsen is a freelance conservator and runs his own conservation laboratory in Genoa, Italy; Nielsen Restauri. He is specialised in the conservation of stones, metals and archaeological materials.

Holding an MA in Ancient History and Archaeology from the College of Philosophy and Humanities, University of Cordoba, Argentina and MA in Architectural Conservation and Conservation of Monuments from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Genoa, Italy, he has been involved in a number of projects as a freelance conservator and restorer in the last 28 years in various countries around the world.

As a freelance conservator, he has been involved in setting up, planning, managing and organizing projects from their very inception not only in Italy but also in abroad including Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Turkey and most recently in Lebanon; at the National Archeological Museum in Beirut.

Besides his experience as a conservator and consultant in the field, he is teaching and supervising students at the undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University of Genoa, Italy. Apart from teaching, supervising and carrying out hands-on treatments, he has been in close cooperation with curators and museum staff for the assessment of collections and preparation of the materials for exhibitions and loans.

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