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By Sabiha Göloğlu and Mustafa Kemal Baran .

The environs of Selçuk (not far from the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey) are an important historical area that has been continuously inhabited and geographically transformed throughout the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Beylik, Ottoman and Republican periods.

Yet a large section of the local community is disconnected from the history and cultural heritage that surrounds them. For example, striking architectural monuments from the Beylik and Ottoman periods that located in the heart of the modern town of Selçuk are commonly overlooked by visitors and locals alike.

Our project hopes to raise awareness of the different cultural sites and historic layers of Selçuk for both visitors and the local community through interactive and informative walking and cycling tours. Our proposed cultural routes in Selçuk are organised along general interpretive themes such as water, burial practices, and spolia with the goal of introducing diverse cultural heritage sites inclusive of different historical periods and increasing dialogue between the local community and visitors. 
During the HTHIC2015 conference in Amsterdam we will present newly-designed cultural routes for Selçuk. We look forward, however, to also share with you our thoughts on the contemporary practice of mass-tourism in smaller, non-urban spaces and present insights stemming from our experience of collaborating with stakeholders and extensive field research.