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Mariëtte Verhoeven is postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at Radboud University Nijmegen. There she is a member of the research theme group Tourism, Travel and Text. She is also fellow at the Netherlands Institute in Turkey (Istanbul).

Her research focuses on the cultural history of Early Christian and Byzantine architecture; transformation of architecture and architecture in cultural memory. She published The Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna. Transformations and Memory (Brepols 2011) and was co-editor of the volume Jerusalem in Art and Architecture (Brill 2014).

Currently she focuses her research on Istanbul’s Byzantine religious heritage. Her main research question is how historical research can contribute to and influence discussions pertaining to the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage such as ownership, identity formation and attitudes to the past.

At the conference Mariëtte Verhoeven will present the case Revealing the Past for the Future - Fethiye Mosque and Museum as a Cultural Heritage Site in Istanbul.