This website was created for the Heritage, Tourisme and Hospitality, International Conference 2015 (HTHIC2015)
Please note that it is not being updated.
Also available: the HTHIC2014 and the HTHIC2017 conferences websites.

Scientific Conference Board

Dr. Linde Egberts, Vu University Amsterdam, Netherlands,
E:  T: +31 (0)20 5987647
Prof. Dr. Frank Go, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands
E:   T: +31 (0)10 4082753 
Prof. Dr. Maria D. Alvarez, Boğaziçi University, Turkey
E:   T: +90 (0)212 3596987
Prof. Dr. Rob van der Laarse, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
E:  T: +3 (0)20 5257278

Destination & Industry Conference Board

Karin Elgin-Nijhuis, Elgin & Co., Netherlands
E:   T: +31 (0)70 ­2154338

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