This website was created for the Heritage, Tourisme and Hospitality, International Conference 2015 (HTHIC2015)
Please note that it is not being updated.
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Best Paper Awards

The HTHIC2015 Best Paper Awards went to:

The Culture and Creative Industries and Tourism. How Intersectoral is Local Cultural Development in Italy? 
by Maria Della Lucia and Giovanna Segre (winner). 

Communicate, Incorporate and Appreciate: the Role of Network Managers in Working towards a Resilient Tourism Network
by Anne-Mara Gerrets, Egbert van der Zee and Dominique Vanneste (runner-up)

The conference organisers wish congratulate the authors and to thank publisher CABI for sponsoring the awards.

In Memoriam: Koos Bosma

The conference organisers are deeply saddened by the passing of Prof. Dr. Koos Bosma, Chair Scientific Conference Board, on Thursday 10 September. He was looking forward to and full of plans for the Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality 2015 conference and will be sorely missed. We will do our best to honour this inspiring scholar with a most inspiring conference.
VU University Amsterdam about Koos Bosma [Dutch] 
University of Amsterdam's obituary [English]

Press Releases

Persbericht 7 augustus 2015: Hoe bewaren we erfgoed dankzij en ondanks toerisme? [Dutch] (pdf)


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