This website was created for the Heritage, Tourisme and Hospitality, International Conference 2015 (HTHIC2015)
Please note that it is not being updated.
Also available: the HTHIC2014 and the HTHIC2017 conferences websites.

There are several ways to become a partner in the Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, International Conference 2015, and link your  organisation or company's name to its cause, the exchange of knowledge and experience in the preservation of heritage thanks to and despite tourism, of Preservation, Presentation, Promotion and Profit.

These ‘Hospitable Partnerships’ give access to the conference, offer the possibility to adopt the costs of specific conference program elements and/or to present yourself at the conference venue.

Hospitable Partnership Basic | EUR 500

  • Your logo on the HTHIC2015-website and link to your organisation or company's website
  • Your logo on screens at the conference venue.
  • Access to the conference for one person

Hospitable Partnership Extra | EUR 1000

  • Hospitable Partnership Basic plus:
  • Your logo and the name of your organisation or company in the HTHIC2015 Conference Proceedings
  • The name of your organisation or company will be linked to a speaker, session, excursion, welcome reception, lunch or coffee & networking break

Hospitable Partnerships Premium | EUR 1500

  • Hospitable Partnership Extra plus:
  • Small stand at the conference venue with table provided by us and the possibility to place rollup banners and distribute printed material

Prices are excluding 21% VAT.
Contact Karin Elgin-Nijhuis for more information or to discuss alternative possibilities. 
Download the Dutch language version of the brochure on sponsoring opportunities (pdf)