An Aspiring Geopark

Terttu Hermansson

Project manager of the Lauhanvuori Region Geopark projects in Metsähallitus and in Pohjois-Satakunnan Kehittämiskeskus Oy in Finland:

I should like to use my session “Branding an Aspiring Geopark Area to Celebrate its Geological, Natural and Cultural Heritage” to tell you about the project I am currently managing.

The aspiring Geopark Lauhanvuori Region is located in Western Finland, in the wetlands and marchlands of the Satakunta, South Ostrobothnia and Pirkanmaa counties. The three counties represent different cultural backgrounds and have traditionally little in common, but administrations and inhabitants are invited to collaborate and submit a UNESCO Global Geopark application in 2018.

I will discuss with you aspects of this project, such as, “how to bring together regions with different cultural backgrounds and administrative practices so that they form one unified nature tourism destination and work under the same brand?” and “how to engage local stakeholders in celebrating their geological, natural and cultural heritage and strengthening their identification with the area?”