HTHIC2017 Speakers

Mara de Groot

Heritage expert Mara De Groot is managing director of the Centre for Global Heritage and Development, a collaboration of Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Mara studied Archaeology and Prehistory in Amsterdam (VU) and Melbourne (University of Melbourne). After finishing her Masters she worked as a cultural tourguide in Italy, focusing on (pre) Roman history. In 2005 Mara started working for the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) as an Archaeological Information Specialist. Her interest in Shared Heritage and heritage management increased and she did a traineeship at the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE), primarily dealing with archaeological heritage management in the Caribbean.

In 2009 Mara got the opportunity to work for of the Shared Heritage program of the National Archives of the Netherlands and later also the RCE.  ‘Shared Heritage’ (in the Netherlands) means heritage dating from the era of the Dutch East and West India Companies and from Dutch colonialism and migration in Asia, Africa, and the America’s, as well as heritage deriving from a period of intense cultural relations such as between the Netherlands and Russia. Ambitions of the Shared Heritage policy are directed towards preservation, capacity building, improving access to heritage and enhancing international cultural cooperation.

Mara is also trained in Heritage Impact Assessment and expert member of IFLA.