Workshop Katriina Siivonen

Curating the Complexity: The Futures Museum

Katriina Siivonen (adjunct professor in Cultural Heritage Studies and university teacher in Futures Research at the Finland Futures Research Centre of the University of Turku) cordially invites you to attend the workshop “Curating the Complexity: The Futures Museum”.

The leading question is: How will intangible cultural heritage and participatory museum practices change museums in this globalised world?

Culture is like a stream, and one cannot step in the same stream twice (Heraclitus). Streams of culture flow from person to person and from past to future. Intentionally and unintentionally, we transfer tangible and intangible traditions. Museums have pieces of these traditions in their collections as cultural heritage. Traditions and heritage are connected to the complexity of the world, characterised by global reciprocal social, political and economic reliance, revolutionary technologies, and environmental crises.

After centuries of working with tangible cultural heritage, attention is shifting towards intangible cultural heritage. In addition, museums are increasingly working together with the communities that surround them. Tourists with their specific interests and practices are part of everyday life of these communities and museums.

All of these phenomena have a strong impact on museums: time to curate the complexity!

The workshop “Curating the complexity: The Futures Museum” takes place on 29 September (Day 2 of the conference), 11:00-11:45h. Katriina Siivonen will be assisted by students from the Master’s Programme in Futures Studies (Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku): Marjukka Parkkinen (MA, doctoral student), Satu Tuittila and Pasi Hario (MA, master students).