Stakeholder Engagement in Brittany

Ronan Le Baccon

Director of Tourism, Heritage and Waterways for the Regional Council of Brittany, France:

As part of its tourism development and heritage valorisation strategy the Regional Council of Brittany (Le Conseil régional de Bretagne) in France created a framework of 10 “touristic and heritage destinations”.

Each touristic and heritage destination involves public and private stakeholders in defining a governance structure and a destination specific strategy. The Regional Council accompanies this process.

The 10 Touristic and Heritage Destinations Framework includes specific measures encouraging, for example, initiatives to preserve heritage creating direct links between the population, their heritage and the public authority. It is now the standard for all public interventions pertaining to tourism, transport and heritage valorisation. In addition, the framework allows the Regional Council of Brittany to promote the region based on the canvas of the 10 (in many aspects complementary) destinations.

The framework has proven to be successful: it has already resulted in more than 100 high level projects of knowledge gathering, heritage conservation and valorisation and tourism innovation.