Eura’s Brand Building Process

Johanna Aalto

Director of administration of the municipality of Eura:

Eura is one of the 311 municipalities of Finland, located in the province of Western Finland and part of the Satakunta region. The municipality is one of the most distinguished places in Finland in terms of pre-historical findings. Eura was a busy meeting and trading place as early as the Viking age, thousand years ago, and currently an attractive and architecturally and culturally rich destination.

I look forward to telling you about the municipality’s efforts to motivate and engage a particular group of stakeholders, members of the Kauttua Ironworks Village, in a joint brand building proces. What does it require from a municipality to take a leading role in place branding? What does such a process require from the participants? And how does chosen brand architecture benefit all those involved in the activities of the Kauttua Ironworks Village area?

Photo: A replica of the “Euran Emännän Puku”, a dress from the Iron Age, found in Eura.