Heritage, Tourism and Water

“Heritage, Tourism and Water” will be an important HTHIC2017 theme. Finland is an ideal location to discuss the protection of water resources and natural heritage and the development (or not) of tourism, the preservation of (drinking) water related cultural heritage and the management of cultural heritage in marine and fluvial landscapes.

Heritage, Tourism and Water Sessions

Heritage, Tourism and Water Speakers

Mara de Groot

Managing director of the Centre for Global Heritage and Development (Leiden . Delft . Erasmus) Netherlands.

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Allan Brodie

Historian and senior investigator working for Historic England, Great Britain and author of books on the history of tourism.

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James Simpson

Project leader at the City of Parainen for St Olav Waterway, a new pilgrims path that will connect Turku and Trondheim.

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Marwan Basmaji

Co-founder Basmaji and Bielinska Architects; teaching Design Studios at AZM University and the Lebanese American University.

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Diederik Six

Restoration architect; president of ICOMOS-Netherlands; initiator of a Water & Heritage awareness campaign.

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Terttu Hermansson

Project manager Lauhanvuori Region Geopark projects in Finland, working on nature tourism infrastructure development.

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Telle Tuominen

Senior lecturer Tourism Management, Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), Finland, working on Defence Arch project.

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Linde Egberts

Researcher at CLUE+ Research Institute for Culture, History and Heritage, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Ronan Le Baccon

Director of Tourism, Heritage and Waterways for the Regional Council of Brittany (Conceil régionale de Bretange), France.

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