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A Heritage of Hospitality and Hospitality for Heritage | HTHIC2014

Heritage of Hospitality and Hospitality for Heritage
Istanbul | Turkey | 6-8 November 2014



Keynote Speakers

Frans van der Avert | Amsterdam Marketing | Netherlands
Amsterdam Culture

Myriam Jansen-Verbeke | Catholic University of Leuven | Belgium
Tourismification of Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes; Interdisciplinary Research Challenge

Lorenzo Cantoni Faculty of Communication Sciences| USI-Università della Svizzera Italiana | Switzerland
ICT for Sustainable Tourism in World Heritage Sites: An Overview and Some Cases


Maria D. Alvarez | Boğaziçi University | Turkey
Welcome Remarks

Özgül Özkan Yavuz | Istanbul Convention & Visitors Bureau | Turkey
Welcome to Istanbul

Robert Schuddeboom | Consul-General of the Netherlands in Istanbul | Netherlands
Welcome Remarks

Frank Go | Rotterdam School of Management | Erasmus University Rotterdam | Netherlands
A Heritage of Hospitality and Hospitality for Heritage – Conference Opening Address

Faruk Pekin | Fest Travel | Turkey
Heritage Tourism as a Product

Burcin Hatipoğlu | Boğaziçi University | Turkey
Developing Food Tourism; CittaSlow and Slow Food: How do these Concepts Contribute to Cultural Heritage Preservation? – Introduction to the Track

Robert Govers | Independent Advisor and Author | Belgium
State of the Art of Place Image Research
The Role of Heritage in Place

Atila Yüksel | Adnan Menderes University | Turkey
Structuring Research – Scientific Research in 7-Steps

Kazuo Murakami | Rikkyo University | Japan
Rethinking Japanization – Discourse on Japan from the perspective of international tourists

Şahin Akı | Taraklı Municipality | Turkey
Cittaslow – Taraklı Municipality

Zeynep Arca Şallıel | Arcadia Winery/Arcadia Bağcılık Şarapçılık | Turkey
The Thrace Wine Route

Gül Girişmen | Zeytindalı Foça Slow Food Convivium
Slow Food

Karin Elgin-Nijhuis | Elgin & Co. | HTHIC | Netherlands
Heritage trail “Op audientie bij de sultan / Having an audience with the sultan”

Hein van Beek | QL Hotels & Restaurants
How to successfully develop and implement heritage-based hospitality service

Kate Clow and Caroline Finkel | The Culture Route Society | Turkey
Culture Route Development, Villagers and other Stakeholders:
The St Paul Trail & The Evliya Ҫelebi Way

Yeşim Dizdaroğlu | ÇEKUL | Turkey
ÇEKUL’s Strategy and the Role of Cultural Heritage in Sustainable Tourism Development in Turkey

Esra Karataş | ÇEKUL | Turkey
ÇEKÜL’s Programme of Nature and Culture Oriented Regional Road Maps – A new approach to regional planning and heritage enhancement in Turkey

Karin Schuitema | Netherlands Institute in Turkey 
The Past through whose Eyes? A Case Study of the Multi-vocal Past and Present-day Urban Changes in the Tophane Neighbourhood 
How to Use Oral History and Social Memory in Research

Pinar Kartal Timer | Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah | Turkey
The Role of Pera Palace in Turkish Tourism

Alessandra Ricci and Ayşegül Yılmaz | Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations and Boğaziçi University | Turkey
Urban Development, Archaeological Heritage Conservation and Contested Past: The Kücükyalı ArkeoPark Project in Istanbul

Selen İşyar | Rahmi M. Koç Museum | Turkey
Mirror of the Industrial Legacy – The Rahmi M. Koç Museum

Gerard van Keken | Remarkable Identity | Netherlands
Culinary Festivals and Heritage Place Brand Partnerships

Stephen E. Little | Asia Pacific Technology Network | United Kingdom
Heritage, Narratives and Positioning Cities

Presenters of Papers

Angelo Presenza, Tindara Abate and Angela Alibrandi
From Conservation to Valorization of Heritage Assets: the Contribution of Cittaslow Certification

Ross Curran, Babak Taheri, Kevin O’Gorman, Derek Bryce and Ian Baxter
In Search of Authenticity: The Case of Japanese Heritage

Guojun Zeng and Ling Li
Reconstructed Authenticity in Translocal Restaurant: Case of North-east Cuisine in Canton, China

Nicola Bellini, Nicola Bellini, Valentina Baratta, Anna Loffredo and Serena Rovai
Chinese Tourists in Tuscany: Redefining the Relationship between Heritage and Authenticity

Eda Kocabaş, Burçin Hatipoğlu, Volkan Aktan, Demir Düzel, Eda Kocabaş and Büşra Şen
Developing Food Tourism through Collaborative Efforts

Mariapina Trunfio
Assistant Professor | University of Trento | Italy
Governance, Partnerships and Communities of Practice

Mireia Guix Navarete, Zaida Rodrigo Perez, Ricard Santoma and Xavier Vicens
Integral Tourism Destination Planning in the Cusco Valley

Sean Lochrie, Kevin O’Gorman and Babak Taheri
Theoretical Perspectives on World Heritage Management: Stewardship, Stakeholders and Equity

Eda Gürel and Axel Nielsen
Segments of Museum Visitors: Evidence from Italy – Work Progress

Claudio Nigro, Enrica Iannuzzi and Michele Lambresa
An Empirical Analysis of Governance Dynamics in the Italian State Museums

Antonio Vlahov, Nevenka Čavlek and Vera Krnajski Hrsak
Converting Surviving Buildings into Heritage Hotels: The Case of Croatia

Danijela Ferjanić Hodak, Vanja Budimski and Nevenka Čavlek
Revitalization of Heritage for Revitalization of Tourism

Ayşe Baş Collins and Eda Gürel
Assessing the Impact of Innovation, Market and Product Orientation on Performance in Museums in Turkey – Work in Progress

Râna Campbell
Heritage Museums and the Branding of Self

Joel Pinson
Heritage Sporting Event: An Old Recipe for a New Problem  

Babak Taheri, Sean Lochrie, Kevin O’Gorman, Emma Hill and Martin Ganoon
Islamic Heritage Marketing: The Unrah Experience

Matthew Alexander, Derek Bryce and Samantha Murdy
Connecting with the Past: Meeting the Needs of Ancestral Tourists in Scotland

Christos Emmanouilidis, Remous-Aris Koutsiamanis, Aimilia Tasidou, Pavlos S. Efraimidis and Ioannis Refanidis
Personalized Cloud-based Recommendation Services for Creative Tourism

Stella Kladou and Eleni Mavragani
Assessing Image Traits on Social Media: The Case of a Cultural Destination

Rehab Elgamil
The Role of Sense of Place in Creating a Unique Tourist Experience to Ensure Tourist Loyalty: The Case of Alexandria

Hatice Sitki
Branding Atatürk and Charlemagne onto my T-shirt

Emmanuele Curti
Cultural Citizens versus Tourists: Local and Temporary Communities between Europe and the Mediterranean

Gürel Cetin and Mehtap Balık
Components of Traditional Hospitality and Implications in Commercial Settings: Evidence from Istanbul

Adriaan de Man
The Institutional Stakeholder and the Slippery Paths to Growth: Heritagebased Strategies in Portuguese Tourism Development

Alessandro de Nisco and Maria Rosario Napolitano
Investigating Structural Relationships between Tourism Experience, Country Image and Post-visit Intentions towards National Products. Evidence from International Heritage Tourists in Italy

Zafer Öter and Nil Sonuç
Cultural Heritage in Gender Context: Case of Female Tourist Guides in Turkey

Arja Lemmetyinen, Lenita Nieminen and Liisamaija Marjoniemi
Heritage as an Asset in Building Place Brand Identity in Cultural Tourism Business

Frank Go, Maria Della Lucia and Mariapina Trunfio
Urban Culture-led Regeneration in Monolithic Contexts: Issues and Challenges for Place Identity and Branding

Juixia Sun and Yi Zhou
Study on Place Construction in the Context of Heritage Tourism: Taking the “Kaiping Diaolou and Villages” as an Example

Ayşenur Gökcetin,
Öznur Kotbaş and Nezih Yalabık
Cultural Heritage Management: the Case of Western Anatolia

Letizia Bindi
Intangible Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Local Impact

Piero Mastroberardino, Giuseppe Calabrese and Flora Cortese
Territorial Vocation and Territorial Governance: A Situationist Point of View. The Case of Manfredonia Area


Eda Gürel | Bilkent University | Turkey

Nicola Bellini | La Rochelle Business School | France

Karin Elgin-Nijhuis | Elgin & Co. | HTHIC | Netherlands

Erik van ‘t Klooster | Rotterdam School of Management | Erasmus University | Netherlands