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Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, 2nd International Conference | HTHIC2015

Heritage Meets Innovation
Amsterdam | Netherlands | 25-27 November 2015



Keynote Speakers

Rob van der Laarse
University of Amsterdam & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | Netherlands
Tourism conflicts and conflict tourism. Experiencing heritage and identity in Europe’s Age of Crisis

Jan van de Borg
University of Leuven | Belgium & Ca’ Foscari University of Venice | Italy
Can the process of “Venetianization” be stopped?


Frans van der Avert | Amsterdam Marketing | Netherlands
Cultural heritage of Amsterdam

Max Schreuder
 | NBTC Holland Marketing | Netherlands
Directing and steering growth: Connecting places through passions

Linde Egberts
| Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | Netherlands
European heritage revivals

Michel ter Hark | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | Netherlands
Welcome remarks

Burcu Kısakürek | Unison Turkey | Turkey
Presenting local life as a tourist attraction: expectations versus reality

Karin Elgin-Nijhuis | Elgin & Co. | HTHIC | Netherlands
Introduction to the pre-conference seminar on audience engagement and heritage revivals 

Lorenzo Cantoni | USI- Università della Svizzera italiana | Switzerland
MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses – in heritage, tourism and hospitality – The case of “eTourism: Communication Perspectives” MOOC

Boris van der Ham | World Heritage Foundation Netherlands | Netherlands
Worlds Heritage in the Netherlands

Klaas van der Veen | Explanation Design | Netherlands
Four steps to make your audience relate to heritage outside the five-star category

Erik Mertz | 7scenes | Netherlands
Inspire, connect and guide

Joost van der Spek | Tinker imagineers | Netherlands
Engaging spaces: DOMunder, archaeological experience
under the Domplein Square

Eric van der Kooij | Municipality of Amsterdam | Netherlands
Lessons on sustainable tourism – How to balance the city

Gabri van Tussenbroek | Municipality of Amsterdam & University of Amsterdam | Netherlands
Framing the seventeenth century

Jeanine van Pinxteren | Executive Committee Central Burrough of Amsterdam Centre | Netherlands
Welcome in Amsterdam

Alex Nielsen | Nielsen Restauri | Italy
Genoa Villeta di Negro – Restauration of park and grotto 

Jos Cuijpers | Cuijpers Consultancy | Netherlands and
Maarten Bakker | Van Hoogevest Architecten | Netherlands 
Architecture, heritage and tourism – opportunities and threats – illustrated by the Valkenburg Medieval City Gates Project

Myriam Jansen-Verbeke | University of Leuen | Belgium
Critical reflection on the trendy use of ‘cultural routes’ as a tourism strategy and development model

Gerard van Keken Remarkable Identity | Netherlands
Identity, heritage and branding: The Province Zeeland

Arnoud Rodenburg | Municipality Midden Delfland | Netherlands & CittaSlow International
How slow tourism strengthens your local identity

Hannie Kool-Blokland | Zeeland Archives | Netherlands
Visit the past for a better future – Exploring mutual heritage and historical learning by using archives in social media

Anja Geldof and Stefanie Huibregtse | Fishermen’s Sweaters Foundation | Netherlands
Truien bij de Vleet / Fishermen’s sweaters – About regional fisheries, international trade and an inspiring tradition

Junji Mamitsuka | Dejima Restoration Office | Japan
The Dutch Trading Post Heritage Network
The Dejima Restoration Project

Ad Breukel | Avans University of Applied Sciences | Netherlands and
Henk Zeegers | UComp BV | Netherlands
Innovation thrives on local heritage

Matt Pickless | Journalist | United Kingdom and
Stuart Fowkes | The Cities & Memories Project | United Kingdom
Cities and sound: Are we losing our cities’ sonic heritage?
The Cities & Memories Project

Liesbeth Gummels | Waterproof Tours Suriname | Suriname
Tourism in the former Dutch colony Suriname: Development of the historical day trip ‘The Sugar Trail’

Joyce van Beek | Municipality of Beemster & UNESCO World Heritage Beemster | Netherlands
The garden of Amsterdam

Jacqueline Grandjean | Grote Kerk Amsterdam | Netherlands
‘Special Session on Location’ Oude Kerk

Alice Roegholt | Amsterdam School Architecture Museum Het Schip | Netherlands
‘Special Session on Location’ Museum Het Schip

Jurn Buisman | Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis | Netherlands
‘Special Session on Location’ Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis

Presenters of Research Papers and Work-in-Progress

Maria Della Lucia, Mariapina Trunfio and Frank M. Go
Cultural legacy and urban regeneration: Where are the spaces for heritage hybridization through stakeholder engagement?

Dominique Vanneste, Aziliz Vandesande and Willem Geens
Preventive conservation: a supported tradition, a welcomed innovation or simply ignored?

Zeliha Hale Tokay and Erdem Salcan
A conservation and visiting approach for the I. World War heritage around the Strait of Dardanelles

Lingling Bi, Dominique Vanneste and Jan van der Borg
Heritage conservation, urban development and tourism in China since 1949: A regime approach

Cecilia Pasquinelli
Between heritage and urban (re)construction: Disentagling the meaning of ‘cultural tourism’ in post-disaster contexts

Mariangela Franch and Anna Irimias
War tourism product development. Management of the Great War heritage in Trentino, Italy

Kaori Yoshida, Huong Bui and Timothy Lee
The ‘edutainment’ of war tourism in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Adam Abdullah
The Fez Medina: heritage, tourism, and resilience

Constantia Anastasiadou, Samantha Vettese Forster and Lynsey Calder
Enhancing the tourist heritage experience through ‘in–situ’, customisable, 3D printed Souvenirs

Begüm Aydın and Maria D. Alvarez
Sustainability in cultural tourism destinations: A demand-based perspective

Nicola Bellini, Massimo Bergamasco, Marcello Carrozzino and Joelle Lagier
Emerging technologies for cultural heritage: The “consumer’s” perspective

Antonio Botti, Mara Grimaldi, Aurelio Tommasetti, Orlando Troisi and Massimiliano Vesci
The effect of gastronomic heritage on visitors’ decision-making process: Festivalscape as an antecedent of attitude

Antonio Botti, Antonella Monda, Aurelio Tommasetti, Orlando Troisi and Massimiliano Vesci
Appraisal process, emotional reactions and behavioural intention for heritage tourists: A self-regulation approach

Merijn den Boer
Communication of cycling tourists: In what way are bicycle experiences ahared and what role does heritage have in these experiences

Maria Della Lucia and Giovanna Segre
The culture and creative industries and tourism. How intersectoral is local cultural
development in Italy?

Simona Franzoni
Developing sustainable cultural heritage destinations: Which tools and governance model?

Anne-Mara Gerrets, Egbert van der Zee and Dominique Vanneste
Communicate, incorporate and appreciate: The role of network managers in working towards a resilient tourism network

Thuy D. T. Hoang, Graham Brown and Aise Kyoungjin Kim
An exploratory study of place attachment from a community perspective in a World
Heritage tourist context

Ingeborg Matečić 
The Influence of tangible cultural heritage on the economic sustainability of a tourism destination – The case of the historical complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian

Emanuele Mele, Silvia De Ascaniis and Lorenzo Cantoni
Localization of national tourism organizations’ websites: How are World Heritage
Sites portrayed online by European destinations for different markets?

Heba Sherif Mourad
The potential of the intangible attachment between people and places

Arja Lemmetyinen, Lenita Nieminen and Johanna Aalto
Who takes the lead in initiating cooperation in a cultural network and why?
A case of a rural Finnish destination

Tonino Pencarelli, Emanuela Conti, Simone Splendiani
The museum offering system from the experiential perspective: The National Gallery
of the Marche case study

Tongqian Zou, Yulan Hao, Luhong Jiang and Bai Xue
Identifying brand genes in tourism branding strategy: A case study of “Chang’an –
Tianshan” heritage corridor

Katarzyna Janusz and Dominique Vanneste
The relevance of context for the host-guests interactions in Krakow, Poland

Egbert  van der Zee,  Jan van der Borg and Dominique Vanneste
Connecting the dots; Using big data to design a heritage tourism network

Kütay Karabağ
A comparative study on expectations, preferences and satisfactions of stakeholders in heritage tourism: The case of Kaş, Turkey

Mariëtte Verhoeven
Revealing the past for the future: Fethiye Mosque and Museum as a cultural heritage site in Istanbul

Anita Zatori
Co-creative solutions and innovations and their effect on heritage visitors’ experience

Gabriel McGinnis
Rules of engagement: An examiniation of methods for community consultations in research


Ad Breukel | Avans University of Applied Sciences | Netherlands
Emmanuele Curti | University of Basilicata | Italy

Antigoni Michael and Harald Teunisse, representing 29 student-rapporteurs from University of Amsterdam & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | Netherlands