HTHIC2017 Speakers

Kristina Svels

Kristina Svels is a senior researcher at the Nordland Research Insitute in Bodö, Norway. Her interests include rural sociology, World Heritage studies, regional development, sustainable tourism, environmental sociology, nature resource management/governance, second homes and recreation, and commons.

Kristina obtained her Licentiate degree in Sociology/Rural Studies in 2011, and her PhD in Social Policy in 2017 with the thesis entitled: World Heritage governance and tourism development: A study of public participation and contested ambitions in the World Heritage Kvarken Archipelago. Kristina has been involved in World Heritage projects on several occasions from 2007 – 2011.

She has published several articles related to World Heritage and tourism, including Solving landscape related conflicts through transnational learning? The case of transboundary Nordic World Heritage sites (2016); World Heritage, Tourism and Community Involvement: A Comparative Study of the High Coast (Sweden) and Kvarken Archipelago (Finland), Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism (2015); Governance of the World Heritage Kvarken Archipelago, environmental protection and tourism impact in Sites du patrimoine et tourisme (2010).

Kristina’s research focuses on the local perspective in transnational and national tourism issues, resident participation in decision making processes, governance protocols for impact on communities, and natural resource use for sustainable tourism.