Pori  Finland

About Pori

Pori is a bustling city of 85.000 citizens on the west coast of Finland. King Gustav Vasa’s son, duke Juhana, founded Pori in 1558, which means that the history of this unique city, along with its ups and downs, goes back over 450 years.

Thanks to its proximity to the sea and the river Kokemäenjoki the city developed into a center of international commerce and industry. European influences touched all areas of life: culture, trade and industry.

The history of Pori is clearly visible everywhere in the city. Get to know the unique Kivi-Pori (Stone-Pori) district in the city centre. City homes, Pori’s Town Hall and other public buildings in the Kivi-Pori area, near the river bank, form one of the most representative old stone-built city districts in Finland.

Pori is a popular summer destination with as one of the main attractions Yyteri, a 6 km long sandy beach and one of the most beautiful ones in Finland. Tourists enjoy the the maritime culture in Pori: the archipelago landscape of Ahlainen, the rugged rocks by the sea shore, the Bothnian Sea National Park and the idyllic areas of wooden houses in Reposaari.

The city hosts many festivals and events. The annually held Pori Jazz festival has been attracting international stars and many thousands of visitors for more than 50 years.

Explore Pori by Statues

Nea Ahosmäki, Anna Kuusela and Aleksi Nieminen, students at the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, created an Explore Pori walk inviting delegates to find statues and learn more about the city.

Main Conference Venue: The Pori Cotton Factory

UCPori, the University Consortium of Pori, is a unique partnership of four Finnish universities on one campus. The University of Turku is one of the partners. UCPori is located in an old cotton mill (originally Porin Puuvilla, Pori Cotton, later Finlayson) on the north bank of the Kokemäenjoki River. The mill was build in the years 1898-1900, but partly destroyed by fire in 1981. In 1999 it was renovated to welcome university staff and students.

Satakunta Stories

Pori is located in Satakunta, the oldest historical province in Finland, a cultural province “whose a unique, genuine and heartfelt approach to art and culture has produced numerous success stories.” Satakunta.fi tells these stories and informs you about the two UNESCO Worlds Heritage Sites (Old Rauma and Sammallahdenmäki), its national parks and many creative entrepreneurs.

Places to See in Satakunta

Nea Ahosmäki, Anna Kuusela and Aleksi Nieminen, students at the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, created a special guide for HTHIC2017 delegates who wish to explore the Satakunta region. The guide offers information on paddling downtown Pori, golfing, sightseeing and car hire, and tips for foodies and shopaholics.

Walking and Hiking

The Nordic Walking Trail of Luodot (ring trail of 7,3 km) and the Lietteiden reitti (line trail of 8 km) allow you to enjoy the beautiful area around Pori. The trail of Luodot (luodot = islets) is situated in the Pori National Urban Park and takes you through the unique nature of the Kokemäenjoki river delta. The trail offers a combination of parks, cultivated fields and lush river bank nature. Lietteiden reitti (trail of sandflats) allows you to enjoy the Yyteri Peninsula as well as the Bothnian Sea National Park. The trail will take you to coastal forests and meadows and magnificent sceneries. During the migration seasons, Finland’s best known destination to observe waders is the sandflat area of Yyteri. Bring your binoculars!

Pre- & Post-conference Tours

Join the pre-conference tour “Enchanting Old Rauma” offered by Visit Pori Oy and Rauma Tourist Information on Wednesday, 27 September, and see the elaborately decorated wooden houses and idyllic streets of Old Rauma, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, circa 50 km from Pori. Or choose the post-conference tour “Old Rauma, Sammallahdenmäki & Kauttua” that will take place on Saturday, 30 September. This guided tour takes you to Old Rauma and Sammallahdenmäki, the second World Heritage Site in Rauma, the Kauttua Ironworks and the unique Terraced House designed by Alvar Aalto. Sign up closes on 27 August 2017.

University of Turku, Pori Unit

Rozenlew Museum

Alvar Aalto Villa Mairea

City Hall of Pori

Hotel Cumulus City Pori

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna

Scandic Hotel Pori

Noormarkku Club

Pori Train Station

Pori Bus Station

Restaurant (ravintola) Wanha Juhana

Pori Airport

Kauttua Ironworks

Alvar Aalto Terraced House

Old Rauma