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Travelling to Finland is the official travel guide of Finland and shows you why Finland is a Lonely Planet Top 10 destination; gives you 17 Reasons to visit Finland in 2017; why, on your way to Pori, you might want to spend 24 Hours in Helsinki or take your time to explore Finland’s coast, the world’s largest archipelago. informs you in detail how to get to and around Finland.

Getting to Pori

By Air

Pori Airport is 2 km from the city centre. Flights from Helsinki and Stockholm and other cities in Europe are offered by Nextjet and commence 24 April. Timetables are provided on this website to give you an impresion of the services planned. Please consult and for up to date information.

Taxis are on call at the taxi stand in front of the airport during the scheduled arrival times.
Call Taksi Pori at +358 (0)50 4419378 if they are not.

Pori is located
– ca. 115 km from Tampere–Pirkkala Airport,
– ca. 145 km from Turku Airport, and
– ca. 240 km from Helsinki Airport.
The website provides all the flight information you need.

By Car

You could hire a car and drive
– ca. 1,5 hour from Tampere Airport to Pori or
– ca. 1 hour and 45 minutes from Turku Airport to Pori.
VisitFinland provides an overview of car rental companies operating in Finland.

By Train

Finland’s rail company VR offers two types of trains:
Pendolino and
Visit for routes, timetables and ticket purchase.

By Bus

Recommended bus companies are:

Peruse the website for timetables and ticket purchase.
Ticket prices fluctuate but will cost approximately:
– Tamperi-Pori: EUR 15 one way,
– Turku-Pori: EUR 15 one way,
– Helsinki-Pori: EUR 25 one way.

Peruse the website for detailed information and online booking.
Bus tickets will cost approximately:
– Tampere-Pori: EUR 15 one way,
– Turku-Pori: EUR 15 one way,
– Helsinki-Pori: EUR 30 one way,
if you buy the tickets directly from the driver and in case there is room left in the bus.

Reserving yor seat and buying your ticket online is cheaper:
– Tampere-Pori: EUR 7 one way,
– Turku-Pori: EUR 7 one way,
– Helsinki-Pori: EUR 12 one way. provides more detailed information.

Getting around Pori


Pori’s train station is located somewhat outside the city center, a 25 minutes walk to the University of Turku.
Pori’s bus station is next to the market square and only 10 minutes walking from the University of Turku.

All conference venues and hotels in Pori can be reached on foot.
In case you prefer to take a taxi and you do not see one in from of the station or your hotel, call Taksi Pori at +358 (0)50 4419378.
In case you prefer to hire a bike contact


Noormarkku is 15 km from Pori.
Participants will travel by bus to a “special session on location” at Ahlström / Noormarkku Works and the conference dinner at Noormarkku Club.

Participants renting accommodation at Noormarkku Works should consult for information on bus lines and time tables.


The Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality conference organisers are pleased to find the event supported by hotels in and around Pori. Conference participants can benefit from special room rates.


The Google Map provided on this webpage and the list of usefull addresses help you find your way around Pori.

University of Turku, Pori Unit

Rozenlew Museum

Alvar Aalto Villa Mairea

City Hall of Pori

Hotel Cumulus City Pori

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna

Scandic Hotel Pori

Noormarkku Club

Pori Train Station

Pori Bus Station

Restaurant (ravintola) Wanha Juhana

Pori Airport