Special Sessions on Location

When Heritage Curators and Conference Delegates Meet

The Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality conferences aim at bringing together researchers, practitioners and policy makers, theory and practice. The leading question is: ”How can tourism destinations succeed in attracting tourists while simultaneously engaging all stakeholders in contributing to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage?”

Special Sessions on Location offer heritage curators and conference participants a unique opportunity to learn from each other. The curators/speakers are asked to guide participants through the heritage site and – more importantly – to present current management and marketing issues (such as “What is going well?” “What are they looking to improve?” “How do they develop and manage relationships with stakeholders?” “What would they like to see on the research agenda?”) and ask advice.

The HTHIC2017 programme includes two Special Sessions on Location.

Rosenlew Museum

Conference delegates are invited to participate in a pre-conference session at the Rosenlew Museum op 27 September. The Rosenlew Museum is part of the Satakunta Museum and located in Pori’s factory area Aittaluoto, in what once was a granary. The permanent exhibition presents the history and produce of the Rosenlew Company (1853 – 1987).

The Rosenlew Company was an important employer in the Satakunta Region and had a wider impact on the local life, for example by offering leisure time activities. The museum’s temporary exhibitions highlight other aspects of industrial history. Conference delegates will meet amongst others Eric Rosenlew and Leila Stenroos.

Ahlström / Noormarkku Works

In the afternoon of 28 September (Conference Day 1) delegates will travel to Noormarkku for a meeting with CEO Peter Ahlströhm and other experts on the history of the Satakunda region in general and the Ahlström Works in particular.

In 1795, the Herrgård estate, a manor dating back to the 15th century, was transferred to general adjutant Carl Constantin de Carnall who, in 1806, obtain a privilege from the King of Sweden to build works. The Works and its land and forest areas were bought by Antti Ahlström in 1970.

During the 60 years that followed and three generations, the Ahlström family built three remarkable residential buildings in the area: Isotalo, Havulinna and the world renowned Villa Mairea, designed by Alvar Aalto). They also built a head office, Club, employee residences and villas for managerial employees. These days, the attractive area and buildings include museums, such as the Ahlström Voyage and the Makkarakoski Saw Museum, as well as holiday accommodations.

University of Turku, Pori Unit

Rozenlew Museum

Alvar Aalto Villa Mairea

City Hall of Pori

Hotel Cumulus City Pori

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna

Scandic Hotel Pori

Noormarkku Club

Pori Train Station

Pori Bus Station

Restaurant (ravintola) Wanha Juhana

Pori Airport

Kauttua Ironworks

Alvar Aalto Terraced House

Old Rauma