St Olav Waterway

James Simpson

Project leader for St Olav Waterway:

The aim of the St Olav Waterway project (2016-2019) is to create a pilgrim route from Turku, Finland to The Åland Islands and The City of Hudiksvall in Sweden via the Finnish Archipelago. The route will be incorporated into other St Olav routes in Sweden and Norway. This itinerary is unique as it is the only pilgrim route that also includes waterways. The aim of the project is to increase the attractiveness of the region and the earning capacity for local entrepreneurs.

Discussions about applying for inclusion into the network ”European Cultural Route of St Olavs Ways” have already started. Because at the same time other organisations are implementing projects to recreate the St Olav Way from Turku to the east it seems possible that within some years the ”Route of Saint Olav Ways” will be expanded. Hopefully one day there will be a St Olav route all the way from Novgorod to Nidaros/Trondheim as there was 1000 years ago!