Who’s Who

Steve Brown

Scientific Conference Board

Dr Steve Brown is an honorary associate with the Museum and Heritage Studies Program at the University of Sydney and lectures at the University of Canberra, Australia.

His research interests include: the integration of ‘naturecultures’ in the heritage management; the heritage of landscapes with the imprint of Indigenous and colonial settler intra-action; applied approaches to cultural landscapes, with particular reference to protected areas; conceptualising and operationalising place-attachment in heritage theory and practice; and the material culture of domestic homes and gardens.

Steve is the author of Cultural Landscapes: A Practical Guide for Park Management (2010) and co-editor of Object Stories: Artifacts and Archaeologists (2015), Cultural and Spiritual Significance of Nature in Protected Areas: Governance, Management and Policy (2018), and a forthcoming Routledge volume—Handbook on Cultural Landscapes.

He is a member of Australia ICOMOS and the immediate past-president of the ICOMOS/IFLA International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes (2014-2017); as well as a member of the IUCN Specialist Group on Cultural and Spiritual Values of Protected Areas and Specialist Group on Protected Landscapes.

Steve is the Australian Co-chair of the International ICOMOS Scientific Symposium which will take place in Sydney, Australia (1-10 October 2020).