The Lights On! Project

Nina Luostarinen and Minna Hautio

Humak University of Applied Sciences:

The Lights On! Project (2015 -2018) seeks to create a joint network of historical tourist attractions in Finland and Estonia. The project sheds new light on the enchanting shared past of the North-Eastern Baltic Sea. It encourages people to visit spectacular ruins, fortresses, hill forts and parks in both countries, and improves their quality as tourist destinations.

The aim of this Finnish–Estonian project is to improve visitor experience and turn eight fairly unknown historical sights into tourist attractions. To reach this goal infrastructure and sustainability of the sites will be developed. Improved and new trails are designed to delight visitors, and high-quality information points and boards will whisper tales of might and power. On-site interpretation will be developed through use of modern technology such as mobile guiding and augmented reality.

We look forward to telling you about the benefits of this project, of open innovation and culture of experimentation – being bold, not ‘playing it safe’ and quickly testing the ideas and developing them further or discarding them based on the experience are recommendable as methods for many reasons. The presentation will highlight some of the experiences and outcomes – both success and failure.

The Lights On! project receives its funding from the Central Baltic Interreg 2014–2020 programme of the European Union. It is a joint project between Humak, Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland (lead partner), State Forest Management Centre (EE), University of Tartu, Viljandi Culture Academy (EE).