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The Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, International Conference (HTHIC) offers unique opportunities to improve the understanding of how to develop a tourism destination that enjoys an outstanding reputation for offering memorable visitor experiences amidst carefully preserved and protected natural and cultural heritage.


Our current LAB, the Heritage & Slow TourismLAB, explores the varying meanings and practices of Slow, including Slow Thinking, Slow Tourism, Slow Travel, Slow Food Travel, Slow Experience, Slow Adventure, Slow Retail, Slow Art, Cittaslow and other Slow Destinations, and its contribution to the preservation of heritage and the well-being of residents and visitors.

Welcome to HTHIC

HTHIC brings together experts – academics and professionals – as well as other individuals involved in, related to or with an interest in the fields and disciplines connected to heritage and tourism, to answer the leading question: “How can destinations succeed in attracting tourists while simultaneously engaging all stakeholders in contributing to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage?”

Bridging gaps

HTHIC bridges research and practice, theory and experience, industries and disciplines. We aim to foster an integrated and holistic approach to responsible tourism and visitor experience development and the co-creation of thriving places characterised by quality of life and a sense of belonging.

In the LAB

Slow has been on the agenda since the first edition of the Heritage Tourism and Hospitality, International Conference, in 2014.  Our purpose requires an understanding of how we think and choose, and perceive risk, happiness and well-being, the importance of which Daniel Kahneman explained so well in his Thinking, Fast and Slow. Slow is already a characteristic of destinations, food, routes and other products and services. Therefore, the HTHIC LAB is currently dedicated to all things Slow.

Available for download

“Preceedings” of the Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, 4th International Conference (HTHIC2020):
“Living Heritage and Sustainable Tourism”.
Edited by Lorenzo Cantoni, Silvia De Ascaniis and Karin Elgin-Nijhuis.

Cover Preceedings HTHIC2020


The Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, International Conference & LAB are organised by Elgin & Co.

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