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Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality
3rd International Conference

Narratives for a World in Transition
Pori  |  Finland  |  27-29 September 2017


HTHIC  |  Elgin & Co.  |  Netherlands
Turku School of Economics  |  University of Turku  |  Finland


Scientific Conference Board
Arja Lemmetyinen  |  Turku School of Economics  |  University of Turku  |  Finland  |  Chair
Lorenzo Cantoni  |  USI – Università della Svizzera italiana  |  Switzerland  |  Co-chair
Katriina Siivonen  |  University of Turku  |  Finland  |  Co-chair

Destination & Industry Conference Board
Karin Elgin-Nijhuis  |  HTHIC  |  Elgin & Co.  |  Netherlands  |  Chair
Lenita Nieminen  |  Turku School of Economics  |  University of Turku  |  Finland  |  Co-chair
Inkeri Starry  |  Starry Stuff  |  Finland  |  Co-chair

Scientific Conference Board

Maria D. Alvarez  |  Boğaziçi University  |  Turkey
Nicola Bellini  |  Tourism Management Institute  |  La Rochelle Business School  |  France
Lorenzo Cantoni  |  USI – Università della Svizzera italiana  |  Switzerland
Nevenka Čavlek  |  University of Zagreb  |  Croatia
Maria Della Lucia  |  University of Trento  |  Italy
Darko Dimitrovski  |  University of Kragujevac  |  Serbia
Johan R. Edelheim  |  Lapland University Consortium  |  Finland
Linde Egberts  |  CLUE+ Research Institute  |  VU University Amsterdam  |  Netherlands
Frank Go  |  Rotterdam School of Management  |  Erasmus University  |  Netherlands
Torgrim Guttormsen  |  Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research  |  Norway
Ulla Hakala  |  Turku School of Economics  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Myriam Jansen-Verbeke  |  University of Leuven  |  Belgium
Arja Lemmetyinen  |  Turku School of Economics  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Ian Lilley  |  The University of Queensland  |  Australia
Cecilia Pasquinelli  |  Gran Sasso Science Institute  |  Italy
Juho Pesonen  |  University of Eastern Finland  |  Finland
Celmara Pocock  |  University of Southern Queensland  |  Australia
Juulia Räikkönen  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Saila Saraniemi  |  University of Oulu  |  Finland
Katriina Siivonen  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Anna Sivula  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Jaana Tähtinen  |  Turku School of Economics  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Mariapina Trunfio  |  University of Napoli “Parthenope”  |  Italy
Rob van der Laarse  |  Amsterdam school for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture  |  University of Amsterdam  |  Netherlands
Egbert van der Zee  |  Utrecht University  |  Netherlands

Destination & Industry Conference Board

Karin Elgin-Nijhuis  |  HTHIC  |  Elgin & Co.  |  Netherlands
Lenita Nieminen  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Vappu Salo  |  Satakunta University of Applied Sciences  |  Turku Tourism Academy  |  Finland
Inkeri Starry  |  Starry Stuff  |  Finland
Leila Stenroos  |  Rosenlew Museum  |  Finland

Assisting the Organisation

Tanja Lepistö  |  Turku School of Economics  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Jyrki Nieminen  |  Turku School of Economics  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Olena De Andres Gonzalez  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Hakan Elgin  |  Elgin & Co.  |  Netherlands
Eija Joesuu  |  VisitPori  |  Finland
Piritta Huhta  |  University Consortium Pori  |  Finland

Partners & Sponsors

Satakuntaliito  |  Regional Council of Satakunta  |  Finland
CLUE+ Research Institute for Culture, Cognition, History and Heritage of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam  |  Netherlands
Municipality of Pori  |  Finland
Visit Pori  |  Finland
Fin Pro – Visit Finland  |  Finland
University Consortium Pori  |  Finland
ELY Centres  |  Elinkeino-, Liikenne-Ja Ympäristökeskus  |  Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment  |  Finland
ICOMOS Netherlands  |  Netherlands
UNESCO Chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites at USI – Università della Svizzera italiana| Lugano  |  Switzerland
Svenska Kulturfonden i Björneborg (SKiB)  |  Finland
Rosenlew Museum  |  Finland
SAMK – Satakunta University of Applied Sciences  |  Finland
SAMK – Satakunta University of Applied Sciences – Tourism Business Research Group  |  Finland
IFITT – International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism
CABI  |  United Kingdom

Keynote Speakers

Anna Sivula  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Suomi Finland 100 Keynote
The histority of cultural heritage – remnants, documents, monuments and the power of narrative

Markku Wilenius  |  UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures  |  Finland Future Studies Center  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Becoming the Capital of the World´s most beautiful Archipelago – Thinking in Futures, Systems and Scenario’s

Lorenzo Cantoni  |  UNESCO Chair in ICT to Develop and Promote Sustainable Tourism in World Heritage Sites  |  Università della Svizzera italiana  |  Switzerland
eLearning for Heritage, Tourism, and Hospitality: An Outline and some Experiences

Allan Brodie  |  Historic England  |  United Kingdom
Resort development – A typology


Laura Aalto  |  Visit Helsinki | Finland
Helsinki branding and storytelling with the locals

Diederik Six  |  Six Architects  |  ICOMOS Netherlands
Land of water

Erik Rosenlew  |  Svenska Kulturfonden i Björneborg (SKiB)  |  Finland
Leila Stenroos  |  Municipality of Pori  |  Rosenlew Museum  |  Finland
The Rosenlew Museum

Telle Tuominen  |  Turku University of Applied Sciences  |  Finland
Using storytelling and mobile apps when converting coastal defense heritage into valuable tourist experiences

Mara de Groot  |  Centre for Global Heritage and Development  |  Netherlands
HERICOAST Roundtable: management of heritage in coastal landscapes

Ronan Le Baccon  |  Région Brétagne  |  France
The “10 Touristic Destinations”of Brittany: a case study of creative public policies mingling heritage and tourism & Maritime cultural heritage of Brittany: how to enhance a part of its DNA in a shared project of development

Ilkka Tarvainen  |  Municipality of Ulvila  |  Finland
Metal Arts Weeks and a jewel competition as a representation of the cultural heritage of a lace. An ‘education’ approach

Katriina Siivonen  |  Finland Futures Research Center  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Workshop: Curating the compexity: The Futures Museum

Johanna Aalto  |  Euran kunta  |  Municipality of Eura  |  Finland
Building a cultural heritage based brand through participatory action

Peter Tomaž Dobrila  |  KIBLA  |  Slovenia
ViMM: Virtual Multimodel Museums – Developing EU policy on digital cultural heritage

Juho Hamari  |  Gamification Group  |  Finland
Gamification for audience and stakeholder engagement

Peter Symons  |   OJOO  |  Belgium
Gamification of tourism: what’s possible?

Arja Laulainen and Mari Kaunistola  |  City Council Pori  |  Finland
Welcome to Pori

Terhi Hook  |  Finpro Oy – Visit Finland  |  Finland
Heritage in Visit Finland’s Strategy

James Simpson  |  City of Parainen  |  Pargas  |  St Olav Waterway
St Olav Waterway – A pilgrims path connecting three counties through a common Nordic heritage

Marwan Basmaji  |  Basmaji and Bielinska Architects BBA  |  Lebanese American University  |  Lebanon
Representing Bahrain’s pearl heritage: Architectural space and exhibition design as storytellers

Sanna-Mari Renfors  |  SAMK – Satakunta University of Applied Sciences  |  Finland
Natural heritage in tourism product development: Case of the Finnish Archipelago

Jaana Ruoho  |  SAMK Satakunta University of Applied Sciences  |  Finland
Green empowerment – Growth from a new Form of Bature-based Tourism: Case Satakunta Region, Finland

Terttu Hermanson and Pasi Talvitie  |  Pohjois-Satakunnan Kehittämiskeskus Oy  |  Finland
Branding an aspiring Geopark Area to Celebrate its geological, natural and cultural Heritage

Nina Luostarinen and Minna Hautio  |  Humak University of Applied Sciences  |  Finland
When stories come alive – developing visitor experience on historical sites

Peter Ahlström  |  A. Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy  |  Noormarkku Works  |  Finland
Interview by Maarit Grahn

Maarit Grahn  |  Noormarkku Works  |  Finland
Host ‘Special Session on Location’

Presenters of Research Papers and Work-in-Progress

Maarit Grahn
Time travels and memory Sites. Cultural heritage of a family enterprise as business resource

Sanghamitra Basu
Mapping and narrating heritage: retracing a forgotten route to link multi-layered history of a region and use of an indigenous storytelling technique for presentation

Anni Ruohomäki
Tracing back the old smuggling routes in the Oura Archipelago – A case study on how to make local history visitable

Kaisa Aro, Kati Suomi and Saila Saraniemi
Antecedents and Consequences of Destination Brand Love – Case Ylläs

Emanuela Conti, Tonino Pencarelli and Massimiliano Vesci
Museum Visitors’ Profiling in the Experiential Perspective, Value Co-creation and Implications for Museums and Destinations: an Exploratory Study from Italy

Silvia De Ascaniis, Caterina Della Monica and Lorenzo Cantoni
A Social Media Campaign to Raise Awareness About Violent Heritage Destruction. The Case of #faces4heritage

Maria Della Lucia, Mariapina Trunfio and Frank M. Go
Hybridizing Cultural Heritage with Creativity: an Emerging Narrative in Italy

Caterina Della Monica, Silvia De Ascaniis, Stefano Tardini, Maria Garbelli and Lorenzo Cantoni
A Facebook campaign about heritage and tourism: Its results and how to measure them

Darko Dimitrovski, Arja Lemmetyinen and Lenita Nieminen
How could a social network analysis boost an evolutionary ecosystem in cultural heritage tourism?

Ulla Hakala and Paula Sjöblom
The importance of the place name to a place’s heritage

Pirita Ihamäki and Katriina Heljakka
A framework for playing with heritage: Exploring the gamified playground of a Finnish skiresort

Anna Irimiás, Maria Della Lucia and Mariangela Franch
Linkages between film commissions and production companies: Towards a win-win local development strategy

Salla Jutila, Petra Paloniemi and Maria Hakkarainen
Life in Lapland – Shareable local experiences

Sari Karttunen and Mervi Luonila
Festivals in Finnish cultural policies: Cure-All or false hope?

Henna Konu, Liisa Tyrväinen and Seija Tuulentie
Nature-based tourism in cultural environments or cultural tourism in natural environment – Developing nature tourism with cultural perspective

Arja Lemmetyinen, Lenita Nieminen, Tanja Lepistö and Kati Suomi
Brand ecosystem narratives in cultural heritage and tourism networks

Anu Lähteenmäki-Uutela
Psychophysiological methods for measuring tourism experiences by the sea: Case Bothnian Sea

Petra Paloniemi and Ulla Kangasniemi
Cultural heritage and storytelling in tourism experience design studies. Case Elves Hideaway, Lapland

Laura Puolamäki
Sustainability, heritage and tourism in the three historic towns

Kerry Ross and Gianluca Ranzi
Sydney Opera House: Conservation informed by stories

Annmarie Ryan, Catherine Morel, Mervi Luonila and Jaana Tähtinen
Narrating city futures: On the formation of sponsorship networks and their role in realising the tourism benefits of hosting cultural mega-events

Juulia Räikkönen and Katriina Siivonen
Combining ecological, economic and cultural sustainability in the development of science tourism on the Seili Island

Deepika Ghosh Saxena
The importance of everydayness: A sustainable and inclusive approach to heritage

Kristina Svels
Heritage, tourism and stakeholder engagement. Do we need more World Heritage Sites without local consent?

Pranom Tansukanun
A Sense of Place: An Existence of the Local Neighbourhoods in a Heritage City of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Marco Valeri
The model of “Albergo Diffuso”: a sustainable hospitality business in Italy

Anne-Mari Ventelä, Lotta Holllmén and Teija Kirkkala
Are there linkages between ‘Sense of Place’ attitudes of the lake users and water quality? – An example case of Lake Pyhäjärvi


Jaana Tähtinen  |  University of Turku  |  Finland
Stephen E. Little  |  Asia Pacific Technology Network  |  United Kingdom

Laura Day  |  Western Sydney University  |  Australia
Eetu Ollikainen, Laura Ukkola, Nina Hautamäki, Anette Peltola, Nadine Svirodova  |  Lapland University of Applied Sciences  | Finland

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