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Exploring the meanings and practices of Slow


The Heritage & Slow TourismLAB, an HTHIC spin-off, explores the varying meanings and practices of Slow, including Slow Thinking, Slow Travel, Slow Experience, Slow Food Travel, Slow Adventure, Slow Art, Slow Retail, Cittaslow and other Slow Destinations and its contribution to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.

Slow and tourism?

Slow is associated with the pursuit of quality of life, hospitality and the well-being of residents and visitors, respect for natural and cultural heritage, protection of biodiversity, short supply chains, innovation on behalf of sustainability, appreciating a sense of place, social equality and inclusiveness, contemplation…

But how to realise all of these ambitions in tourism?

HTHIC & Slow

Slow has been on the agenda since the first edition of the Heritage Tourism and Hospitality, International Conference, in 2014.  Its purpose requires an understanding of the way we think and choose, perceive risk, happiness and well-being, the importance of which Daniel Kahneman explained so well in his Thinking, Fast and Slow.

Slowness as a characteristic of pilgrimages and long-distance cultural (walking) routes, the Slow Movement and, later, the Slow Tourism and Slow Adventure initiatives are relevant for HTHIC’s community and purpose.

“Haste Slowly”

Dickinson et al. (2010) define Slow Tourism according to three pillars:

  • Doing things at the right speed
  • Changing the attitude towards speed
  • Seeking quality over quantity

The Italian Slow movement which originated in Italy in the late 1980s – Slow Food and later Cittaslow – refers to the ancient adage “festina lente“ (Latin), “haste slowly”.  Learn more about the promises and discussions about Slow.

LAB meetings 2020

2 September 2020 | Slow Adventure
21 October 2020 | Slow Food Travel
9 December 2020 | Slow Destinations

LAB meetings 2021

3 February 2021 | Applying the Slow Philosophy
7 April 2021 | Earth Markets, Sustainability and Slow Tourism
9 June 2021 | Ethical and Post-pandemic Perspectives of Tourism
15 September 2021 | New Approaches to Evaluating and  Promoting Slow
27 October 2021 | Slow Art, Slow Looking

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