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International Conference 2015 (HTHIC2015)

Preservation, Presentation, Promotion and Profit
Research Agendas, Best Practices and Hospitable Partnerships in Tourism

Following the success of the first conference in the series in Istanbul, Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University, destination consultancy Elgin & Co., University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam are pleased to announce the Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, International Conference 2015, and welcome all in the field of tourism of heritage, tourism and hospitality, cultural landscape and urban environment to participate in this event on 25-27 November, 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

The conference deals with the leading question: "how can tourism destination stakeholders succeed in creating, and presenting attractions that draw tourists, while simultaneously engaging stakeholders to contribute to the conservation of the tangible and intangible heritage assets as a mechanism of local planning and an integral component of the governance of sustainable host community development?”


Heritage Meets Innovation

The Second Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality conference will again offer a worldwide and unique bridge between practice and theory in order to identify innovative ways to satisfy the demands of travelers to create heritage experiences in such a way that re-use and representation of the past are carefully integrated in the governance and sustainable development of host communities.

The 2015 edition will address the question: “How can tourism destination stakeholders and their audiences co-create heritage experiences and integrate, simultaneously, the processes of re-use, (re)presentation and preservation of the past through the governance of responsible practice and the sustainable development of host communities?”

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